Before you hit send:


1) Will you join our multi-channel network (new video platform, etc)? Only if there’s a signing bonus with four zeros at the end of it. Same goes for pre-roll ads on YouTube. I don't like watching pre-roll ads so why make my audience watch them? Before pitching me ask yourself: do YOU like watching pre-roll ads that aren't relevant to you're interests? 

2) Do you accept sponsorship? If it's a good fit and relevant to my audiences interest (i.e. surf or travel related) please use the form below. 

3) Can we hire you for consulting, advising, etc? Yes but you should expect your organization to do most of the execution. My value-add is advising on strategy.

5) Will you give me surfboard advice? No. Until my 15 minutes of fame are up this restriction is necessary to preserve my time away from the keyboard. The number of requests I get could fill a part time job, and I try to spend as little time in front of screens as possible. But I do read YouTube comments and respond when I can.

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